Your logo is the visual shorthand of your business. This clear, unique, and memorable symbol of your brand’s identity will appear on letterhead, all marketing and advertising pieces, and all visual communication. So, it should go without saying that you want your logo to communicate a direct message.

But how should you handle business growth and evolution with your logo? You want your logo to promote brand awareness and inspire trust, but over time it may require some tweaking.

logo evolution with P&P

Why and when to refresh your logo

Much like business re-branding in general, a logo’s evolution takes cues from the business itself. Refining your logo is a great way to keep things fresh while also signaling company changes to your consumers. Any time there is significant growth or change within your company you should consider evolving your logo.

Logo evolution with Powell & Partners

P&P logo evolution

With our brand refresh, we also made significant modifications to our logo. We wanted something that we could use as a branding image. Previously, as you can see, our logo was a combination of two block lettered Ps with a generic amperstamp in between.

So, why did we choose the amperstamp? Well, we are Powell & Partners on many levels. We’re very transparent about the fact that we work with several creative partners in our process. But not only that, we also put a lot of value in the collaborative nature in which we work with our clients.

We don’t just come in and dictate to them what to do. Instead, we approach every client project like a partnership. Our clients are the experts in their field. They know the business, their company. The magic happens when we blend together their expertise with our outside perspective and ideas.

As we analyzed those relationships and the nature of our business, the amperstamp became the clear, unique, and memorable branding image we were seeking. We partnered with a talented designer who created a customized amperstamp with the P purposefully incorporated.

Logo evolution case studies

Many companies choose to evolve their logos rather than reinventing them all together. This helps keep their branding relevant and noticeable while perpetuating continuity.

Take a look at how these three major brands have evolved their logos over the years.




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