A brand’s voice captures and expresses the brand’s personality. In fact, the voice of a brand relies heavily on its personality. To establish a purposeful and consistent voice, it’s imperative for the brand to be well developed and to have a comprehensive understanding of its audience.

Establishing Brand Voice

Simply put, a brand’s voice is a collection of words and sentences that are used to determine and express a brand’s personality. But to develop an efficient voice, we must look to the brand’s audience. While the voice has to speak for the brand, it’s useless unless it reaches the target audience. So, we research the market to determine the kind of language the brand’s customers are using.

Your brand’s voice has to speak to your audience and for your business in a way that connects with them. So, it’s important to understand your ideal audience and to establish a voice they relate to and use themselves.

Why it matters

Your brand’s voice is the best way for your brand to identify with its target audience and customers. But without a distinct and resolute voice, you risk delivering inconsistent messaging and developing a weak brand presence.

brand voice

Things to consider when developing a brand’s voice:

  1. The brand’s personality. A brand relies on its voice to express its personality. You cannot establish a consistent, purposeful voice without first knowing the brand’s personality.
  2. The target audience’s needs. It’s important to know what the audience needs from the brand. Consider these needs when developing the voice and tone to ensure the brand speaks directly to them in a way they understand.
  3. The target audience’s communication style. Determine how responsive the audience is to certain communication styles. For instance, some people connect with an authoritative tone while others prefer a voice of understanding and empathy.

Powell & Partners: Brand Voice

We utilize our voice to position ourselves as experts in our field. So we developed a voice of expertise. But because we work so collaboratively with our clients, it was important to blend in a voice of understanding as well.

We carefully developed a voice that powerfully delivers our message while also conveying empathy. Our clients rely on us to listen to their needs and then to use our knowledge and expertise to bring their brands to life. So, we needed to connect with them on that level.

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