Branding allows your audience to recognize and trust your business. So it’s important to keep things consistent in order to build momentum.

A brand style guide is a tool used to keep branding consistent across the board. In order to effectively carry out an advertising campaign, a brand must first know how it’s going to present itself to the world.  

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Why you need a brand style guide

A style guide acts as a brand’s blueprint for what it looks and sounds like in various media such as print, internet, radio, and television. It ensures that your brand will always look and sound the same even when you have different people working in customer service, marketing, sales, and design.

Without a brand style guide, you run the risk of confusing your audience with inconsistent content and mixed marketing messages. Apart from appearing disorganized and unprofessional, inconsistent branding can actually have a damaging effect on your business. Putting a style guide in the hands of all those who touch your brand will eliminate that risk.

Knowing your brand

When creating a style guide, it’s imperative to know your brand. To establish your brand’s identity, you first need to have a comprehensive understanding of these five key elements:

  1. Mission
  2. Vision
  3. Target Audience
  4. Brand personality
  5. Core values

These components help guide the sensory elements of a brand. With the business’s mission, vision, target audience, personality, and core values in mind, we are able to help our clients build brands that make an impact.

Building a brand style guide

There are six essential elements that make up a brand style guide. Within the guide, you want to indicate the design specifics for each element as well as the proper use for them.

  1. Brand story
  2. Logo
  3. Color palette
  4. Typography
  5. Imagery
  6. Voice

With a brand style guide, you’ll provide your audience with a cohesive, unified marketing experience.  

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