So, you put your heart and soul into making your company the very best it can be. But are you working with the right advertising agency? Hiring an advertising agency can be a daunting task.

It’s important to trust the agency you hire to elevate your brand and communicate a message that will reach your target audience. But working with the wrong agency can be an expensive mistake. So, with that in mind, an agency should be transparent about their process and what it looks like to work with them. But for what exactly should you be looking?

What to look for when hiring an advertising agency?

advertising agency

Do they have a process?

It’s hard to judge what kind of results you may get from an advertising agency. But something to keep in mind is that when something works, it becomes a process. Here at Powell & Partners, we follow a solid, specific, repeatable process because it produces the best outcomes over and over again.

Is there chemistry?

When you’re filtering through client rosters and pricing information, a lot of advertising agencies can start to look the same. And while it’s important to lay eyes on the agency’s creative output, it’s just as important to determine how well you’ll work together. So, do you jive with the team?

How do they work?

Some agencies will take one or two meetings with you and then you won’t hear from them again. When you learn about the agency’s process, find out how involved you get to be.

With Powell & Partners, we incorporate you in the entire process. We consider our clients partners, and it’s important to us for you to be involved in every step.

Can they make your brand stand out?

Gather the important information. Take a look at the case studies. Is their team skilled in your industry? Making sure the agency is capable of finding and reaching your target audience is important. It’s even more important that they’re capable of delivering a message that packs a punch.

Ready to work with an advertising agency that’ll help you stand out? Contact us.