For any business with a heavy online presence, brand imagery is arguably the most important element in their branding. Brand Imagery ordinarily constitutes all of the tangible and intangible elements that customers associate with a brand. But when a customer primarily interacts with your brand through a screen, you need to appeal to their sense of sight.

brand imagery success

Establishing Successful Brand Imagery

Imagery encompasses every visual aspect used within communication. This includes video, still photography, illustrations, and graphics.

There are several key elements that go into establishing consistent and successful brand imagery. The first and possibly most important factor is the purpose. Once the purpose has been determined, a brand can then narrow in on the colors, templates, formatting, and overlays for the visual.

It’s important to keep imagery presentation consistent across all mediums. In fact, presentation alone can play a major role in the message your imagery communicates.

Simplicity is key

Some of the most recognizable brands are represented by very simple images. Complexity does not necessarily play a major role in whether the imagery is successful. In fact, a simple image tends to be more memorable since a consumer is able to quickly digest it in its entirety.

simple brand imagery

Take, for example, the brands pictured. Each one is quickly and easily identified by a simple image. The shapes and colors used are very basic but ultimately communicate a powerful message that evokes some type of emotional response from the audience.

Things to Consider

Like with most branding elements, it’s imperative to consider a brand’s audience and personality when establishing imagery standards. Those standards need to be consistent with the brand’s tone of voice and the message it’s communicating.

A brand also needs to determine what kind of images speak to its audience. Successful imagery is about meeting your audience on their level to convey a message visually. So uncovering their needs and researching what speaks to them is key.

Case Study

BettyRuth Baby Case Study

BettyRuthBaby is a one-stop resource for all things baby from bump to boobs. This brand’s audience is often seeking support, comfort, information, and peace of mind. In identifying those needs, the brand was able to establish a standard of consistent imagery that speaks to its audience on their level.

They stick with a soft color palette partnered with images that create an emotional connection with their audience. And their audience is able to quickly recognize BettyRuth Baby images by their on-brand circle formatting.

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