A good tagline is a vital piece of your branding. It serves an important role: to concisely share the objectives of your company. Some may argue that taglines have become slightly unnecessary, but forgoing a one would be a huge mistake.

While your company’s name and logo may be attention grabbing, it’s your tagline that quickly tells your potential customers more about what your company is all about.

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Powell & Partners: Collaboration on call

For our tagline, we wanted something that spoke to what we do on every level. Just as we explained with our logo, we put a lot of value in our collaborative nature. Project by project, we’re on call to work with you and your company when you need us.

What sets us apart from other agencies is our dedication to collaboration; both with our clients and with the creative partners we call on for specific projects.

So, we wanted it to be clear that our agency was different. Our tagline successfully communicates to any potential clients that they’re going to be working with someone. Unlike some traditional agencies, at Powell & Partners, you’ll be working with a team who wants to work with you! You become a valuable member of our team as we diligently work on your project.

Tagline Evolutions

Establishing a tagline that perfectly sums up a business can be a challenge. But once a company lands on something that works, it’s not uncommon for them to hold on to it until it no longer rings true. Much like the other branding elements, it’s important for the tagline to accurately reflect your company in its current state; so it’s wise to re-examine it whenever there are monumental changes within the business.

It’s essential to reflect on the company as a whole while taking into account the goals of the tagline when considering a refresh.

Case Study: Tagline Evolutions


With 131 years in business, Coca-Cola understands the value of a timely tagline refresh. Since 1886, they’ve cycled through 46 different taglines from Deliciously Refreshing to Taste the feeling.

They’ve run the gamut, creating taglines that are solely descriptive like The cold, crisp taste of Coke to crafting emotionally charged statements like Life tastes good.

Take a look at some of Coca-Cola’s taglines through the years!

coke tagline history

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