Type is like a tone of voice. It has the power to display the personality of your brand. Each typeface is intentionally crafted to visually communicate a message in various tones. In the case of branding, typography showcases a brand’s style and character.

History of Typography

Through the years, typography has evolved into a digital necessity; but its roots go back to hieroglyphs and pictograms. Initially created to represent ideas, typography was soon developed into alphabets and phonographic writing.

Originally artfully handcrafted, typefaces were beautifully and thoughtfully created. Though it has evolved to a digital platform, typography was and still is a crucial aspect of graphic design. However, through the years, it has become less of an artform. These days, designers create fonts digitally. And while that affords the opportunity for a wider selection, they’re simply not as beautifully crafted anymore.  

pp typography

Powell & Partners Typeface

John Powell is a huge Helvetica fan, so it has always been the brand standard typeface. In fact, we only use the one typeface where other brand style guides may include up to three. However, we do incorporate some variation by utilizing different versions of it.

Why Helvetica? Well, it’s clean, easy to read, and not easily confused with other fonts. In fact, the typeface was intentionally designed to be neutral and to present great clarity.

Things to Consider

When selecting a brand’s typeface, it’s important to keep a few things front of mind.

  • Readability in all forms. Many people fail to consider this aspect, and it’s a big one.
  • If it fits with the brand’s personality.
  • Can it visually communicate the brand’s message?
  • Is it versatile? It’s important for a typeface to work across multiple platforms.

Fonts can easily be overpowering, so it’s important to exercise careful consideration when selecting the brand standard typeface. After all, the font does set the tone of a brand’s personality and message.

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