The P&P Discipline

At Powell & Partners, we follow this solid, specific, repeatable process. Why? Because it produces the best outcomes. Over and over again.

1. We Listen

Understand and define the problem. Clarify vision, strategies, goals and objectives.

2. We Gather

Gather relevant info about the organization, market, audience behavior and needs, and competition.

3. We Think

Look for areas of unique strengths, find competitor weaknesses, customer needs and Develop alternative focus strategies to dominate niches.

4. We Create

Create the tools needed to communicate the overall personality & strategies in a unique & memorable way.

5. We Plan

Create action plans, schedules, timetables and deadlines, etc…

6. We Launch

Work with creative team and partners to bring the brand to life.

7. We Measure

Develop initiatives that can be measured to determine the effectiveness of the communications program.

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